Love letter (haiga)

feathered quill   haiga

I struggled with this one and am just putting this out there. Something to work on.

by soft candlelight
opens his heart with passion,
pens with feathered quill


by dancing flame
unleashes his love for her,
with feathered quill


under dim light
opens his vulnerable heart,
pens with feathered quill


under candlelight
declares unfettered love
with feathered quill

© Tournesol ’15

CP Bird Feathers

30 thoughts on “Love letter (haiga)”

      1. I often right my best haiku when I’m falling asleep but then rarely remember it when I wake. 🙂


      2. Yes it’s fun but oh so tiring. Still it does make me make a cooking effort. Mostly I just make myself the same old same old bowl of noodles and tofu – it gets boring.


      3. I got a little freezer so when I cook, I make double batches and freeze…so if my kids visit (or come by when I’m at work) they have a meal for 4 or 5 ready. It makes is more rewarding cooking like this AND if they don’t come, I got lots of smaller portions ready.

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  1. I’m voting at this point for the first one, but thanks for giving us the opportunity to read the other variants as well. Sometimes we need to tinker with our haiku for a while, don’t we?


    1. Yes we do and this week I have written about a dozen that are driving me bonkers. Thanks for your thoughts. I think it depends who is reciting it out loud too…it has to sound nice too.


    1. Haiga is haiku plus picture…. right. I googled it so I think it is but wanted to check.

      I’ve written one but I want to write and publish the story first and then will put the poem in a separate post. I hope to do both tonight.


      1. I decided to wait till tomorrow for the story but I couldn’t wait for the poem. I wanted it out now! It’s up. I wish I could have used a picture where it looked more delicate but they didn’t come out clear enough. I look forward to doing the story behind it as well.


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