April skies (haibun)

As soon as the alarm went off, she jumped out of bed and pulled the curtain in her bedroom.

“Oh boy! she said, “The snow has melted everywhere!”

She shuffles towards the kitchen, screaming, “MAMA!!, can I wear my new Easter shoes to school to day…pretty please!!”

Her mother is packing her daughter’s lunch and turns her head towards the kitchen window.

“Well love, you know the earth is still frozen, it may be too cold…I don’t know…” her voice trails as she looks at the thermometer outside by the window sill.”

Ah Mama, puleeeze, I promise to wear my thick tights. Come on, Mama, it skips better in shoes,” she whines preparing to pout, “I’m brining my skipping rope to school for recess…pretty please!!” she raises her baby blues pleading to her mother…

“Oh, alright”, her heart melts at those blue liquid eyes.

april 16 2015

 April skies beckon
walking in her brand new shoes
blossoms await

© Tournesol ’15

Photo actually taken at five in the afternoon April 16, 2015.

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