Devotion (haibun)

Since she was a young child she would often whisper a short prayer on her way to school such as The Lord’s Prayer with the image of her grandfather in her mind’s eye and this practice continued as an adult on her way to work.  In the past year she has been chanting her personal mantra with the image of Amma; sometimes her grandmother’s and mother’s images seem to slip in without her control.

Now she simply begins her mantra with the image of Amma and if her grandmother and mother want to slip in, she just goes with the flow. It is a wonderful way to start her day at work. In many ways she feels protected from some of the pain and suffering of her daily work.

(c) Clr '15

(c) Clr ’15

scans the heavens
chanting her mantra
filled with devotion


filled with devotion
three mothers protect her
love bursts in tears

(c) Tournesol ’15

17 thoughts on “Devotion (haibun)

  1. A devotion to a prayer life that brings one to the love of self that one can then fully love others, guided by mothers. Your haibun is beautiful, Cheryl-Lynn.


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  3. Nice ones. Sounds like you’ve been doing spiritual practices for a long time. That is cool, when it comes natural like that.


    • What I love about my mantra that Amma gave me is that I pay attention to the words whereas when saying the Our Father and Hail Mary, my mind would drift and I would not pay attention to the words. I am comfortable now that it has been nine months since I have been practicing this mantra that I don’t even care if I’m on the subway, bus or walking among people…it’s my song:)

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