left with dreams (haiku)

The Poet Reclining by Marc Chagall

I find this interesting to have this prompt this week, seeing as Marc Chagall was born in 1887 in Russia. He moved to Paris in 1910. However,  I just finished reading Please Say Kaddish For Me by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields, the author also of Friday Fictionneers. This novel takes place in Russia from 1899. I can only imagine how Chagall may have struggled with all the mayhem going on in his Mother Russia during that period.  To read more on Chagall’s cubism art read here.

 dreams of what was once home
haven no more

haven no more
 still,  trees shudder such malice
wars destroy

© Tournesol ’15

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16 thoughts on “left with dreams (haiku)

    • thank you so much for your comment! On this blog I started as Cher Shares with a bit of everything in poetry forms but since last year switching my blog page to Tournesoldansunjardin, I concentrate solely on Waka (Japanese form) and try to practice this art daily. On another blog I write a bit of everything like but mostly free verse and stories.

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      • Well … the link did take us in that direction of course … but I read it after writing my haiku … I just wrote of the impression I got from the painting … though it did not come out quite right.


      • I still had the mood of Rochelle’s book in my mind…I have posted it on my two blogs, she is from Friday Fictioneers. What an amazing novel!…I see a lot of Chaim Potok in her storytelling style bringing her characters alive.

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      • I knew Rochelle had published her book and hope to download it if I can find a copy that’s usable on my TrekStore … I’ve always appreciated her writing on FF … she must have put together an amazing book!

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      • Don’t have a Kindle … in fact often I can’t download books because I’ve a TrekStor and a Kobo .. but no Kindle and Amazon only puts out their protected .mobi format … 😦


      • I got another Kobo plus Kindle but there is a way to bypass that Kindle thing, they show it on Google. I got Kindle because they have such great book deals…many many free or under 5$

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