Regatta (haibun)

He never challenged the winds and waters; competitively sailed in sunny, windy, rainy or stormy days…he was an excellent sailor and captain. He was geared up in wet suit, goggles and gloves…looking out to the sea.

BAM –the last shot fired alerting all sailors to join their crew at their catamarans.

Crosses himself
 kisses sand on hands and knees
 then sets sail

© Tournesol ’15

Carpe Diem “summer mountain”

bossy pants (haibun)

Such a beautiful family, she noticed in the tree by the river.  The male and female along with the younger chick…beautiful red cardinals.  They stayed throughout the year because of the birdfeeder.  She loved sitting outside in the summer and hear them sing to her.  Of course this was a multicultural tree and others birds claimed a section including woodpeckers who had their own temperament.

 Darn woodpecker
drive those cardinals away
bossy pants!

© Tournesol ’15

Pray awhile (haibun)


May is le mois de Marie. As a youth she loved this excuse to walk across the river hearing  the metal on the soles of her shoes click click click like the dancers on Ed Sullivan AND on a school night to boot. Every evening, people would recite the Rosary.


pray for a while
tap-dance across the footbridge
evening walk home

© Tournesol ’15

CP for a while