nonchallance (haiku)

© xxxLuna at
© xxxLuna at

tiny grey mouse
scurries off in the field
nervous as can be

long-haired tomcat
lazily opens one eye
puzzled as can be

mouse sighs
maternal love for her lump
relieved as can be

© Tournesol ’15

3 WW – lump nervous puzzled

15 thoughts on “nonchallance (haiku)”

  1. Awe that is cute. I was going to ask of you drew the pic as looks like your cat. Sorry I’ve been absent just been so busy setting up my online business. Trying to catch up and bit and to say hi x


      1. I am not too bad. I just having one to one hydro physio, wow that was hard. The pain is still there, but I did go to see a healer and have my 3 week pain management clinic at hospital, all snowballed to help quite a lot i just need to learn to pace which I am bad at. Hence I have too many balls up in the air at the mo and reading blogs is being left behind mostly sometimes I get to do a blitz but not often hehe x And you whati s news? x


    1. I am pleased the mouse is outside!! haha…I had a mouse here hiding for months and my cat would stay up all night waiting ….(drum roll)….to PLAY with it. She just was not a hunter…maybe I should get her a pet to play with.


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