Blue moon (haibun)

Blue Moon

Walking home tonight she kept her head turned up towards the sky. It was night and yet the sky was so clear like daytime but as if the light had dimmed just a little.   The teal blue sky looked like a sea of floating puffy runners of all shapes and sizes. Truly this second full moon was very unique, this July night. She arrived home infused with awe of that silvery moon.

blue moon rules
sky surrenders gracefully
from time to time
playing peekaboo
buried under floating wisps

© Tournesol ’15

Carpe Diem Blue Moon

ladybug makes the day (haibun)

The little girl skips home to show her mom the drawing she made at day camp. Turning the corner, she bumps into a boy on a skateboard and she falls to her knees. Crying and holding her scraped knee, her drawing falls into a puddle. The skater looks around awkwardly, leaning on an  elm tree.

from an elm leaf
ladybug upon her knee
wiping tears away

©Tournesol ’15


tonnerre du midi (haibun)

Elle est surprise aux premiers sons du tonnerre; regardant par la fenêtre elle voie la pluie qui précipite.  Le tonnerre continue à menacer possiblement une autre panne d’électricité; elle place la bouilloire sur le feu … au moins il y aura du thé à siroter. En attendant, elle prend sa plume et écrit un mot ou deux avant la tombée du jour.

son de tambour avertit
ciel abandonnent
pluie battante

pluie battante
amants exaucent moments perdus
midi sieste

les étourneaux cherchent refuge
pleurnichant collectif des oisillons
terre engloutit l’excès

chemins immergés
L’Enfant s’arrose en rigolant
oisillons espèrent

terre , porte-ouverte
danse des vers sous la pluie
mère étourneau patiente

© Tournesol ’15

Midsummer rain (haibun)

© Clr `15
© Clr `15

Startled at the first crashing sounds, she glances out the window looking at  the hurried rain falling.  Thunder continues to threaten perhaps another power outag; she places the kettle on the stove…at least there will be tea to sip. Until then, she takes her pen to scratch a word or two before the darkness falls.

drum rolls warn
skies give way
pouring rain

pouring rain
lovers squeeze precious moments
midday nap

starlings seek shelter
nestlings whine in union
earth gulps excess

sodden paths
giggling child splashes
nestlings hope

earth’s open house
worms’ midsummer dance
starling’s patient perch

© Tournesol ’15

I was pleased to see the prompt at Carpe Diem Haiku Kai, “Midday nap” seeming just perfect to slip in one more stanza so fitting with this midday rain.

flirty moon at sunset (haibun)

© Clr '15
© Clr ’15

She went up to the rooftop during her last break to see the sunset. It was a muggy day and rain in the air, so part of sky’s performance was shaded by pearly grey clouds.   The warm breeze was still soothing.  The view was spectacular with hues of pinks, greys and blues and to her  left over le Mont Royale with blues and tints of pink with a hint of the moon flirting with her.

What a nice way to relax in perfect silence and inhale the beauty!

Beneath the skyline
artist’s brush puts last touches
pearly shadows

© Tournesol ’15

© Clr'15
© Clr’15

tagging rainbows (haiga – haibun)

It was an amazing weekend, filled with songs and love. She was returning from her retreat and sat on the top deck of the bus right in front. She was in the perfect place to take photos of the sky changing from sunlight to sundown. The clouds were getting darker and the bus heading towards the rain and then she saw a miracle and continued chasing nature’s wonder.


road trip
bursts of pastels play tag
chasing rainbows

© Tournesol ’15


soupçon de muguet (haibun)

© Clr '14 June
© Clr ’14 June

Il marcha seul sur le bord de la rivière en se souvenant d’un temps lointain. Il tenait sa douce main et  leurs lèvres se touchent une dernière fois.

rose miroité
rivière reflète l’adieu du soleil
soupçon de muguet traîne

© Tournesol ’15