a single rose (haiga)

single rose

a single rose
rests on her gravestone
thorn in my heart

No more roses will be bought for her birthday …It was always roses that stirred her memory…her sense of smell awakened by the fragrance every time. But in a few days Mother’s ashes will finally be laid to rest next to her husband…the true love of her life.,, looking forward to this reunion.

rose by his side
no thorns can keep them apart
together at last

© Tournesol ’15

Written for Haiku Horizons Thorn

27 thoughts on “a single rose (haiga)”

      1. Grieving takes its own time. When my husband died it was two years before the fog began to clear.


      2. Reading this reminded me that I used Bach Flower Remedies a lot when I was first widowed. They really helped me clear a lot of the more intense emotions. Do you have them in Montreal?


      3. It is a very gentle way of healing. Over here we also have the Australian Bush flower remedies which are made up into combinations. I could get them in Ireland so you may be able to get them. Transition Essence might be good for you but let your intuition guide you.


      4. I have used this before…I just checked the Healing Harmony in B.C….but to be honest I get drops to my cat who suffered OCD …he is resting calmly now in feline heaven.

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  1. [this thornless rose]
    its perfume brings memories
    to mother and child –
    walks down the gravel pathway
    under the warm summer skies


      1. I had originally purchased 8 roses…and the 9th was an addition …so if you look at the original 8 turned sideways = infinity…her infinite love now and forever:)


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