summer souvenirs (haibun)

© Fishing by kayelibra at

After dinner, brother and sister would go to the pier with their mother to fish.  The mother didn’t mind putting the squiggly worm on the hook for them.  He would feel so proud when he got a bite and would reel in his catch, a small gold carp.  Silently (yet beaming) he would unhook the fish and throw it back into the lake to give it a chance to get bigger.

His little sister would through the rod backwards not realizing the hook could catch a human and anyone close by would hide for cover;  she was but five years old and took her fishing seriously…her serious look meant “business” so different than the “laissez-faire” allure of her older brother.

They are nice memories of a long ago, by the lake, together, hearing the catamarans rock, soft waves roll in and feel the tug of a fish bite now and then.

wiggly worm
alluring innocence
gold carp

gold carp
pleads for time
swims to freedom

© Tournesol ’15

Written for: CPHK

Thanking our host and patient mentor at Carpe Diem Haiku Kai for his dedication and tireless commitment to his blog, our prompts and mostly that has allowed me to grow a bit more each day. Merci Chèvrefeuille!

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