grab your chance (haibun)

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She chats on the phone this warm August day with her son checking up on how he was doing with his summer cold. It is ragweed season combined with the humidity at 65 – 70%…breathing can be challenging for many.

At one point he shouts on the phone, “Oh no! A bird just stole a raspberry from MY plant and he’s holding it in his beak now! I gotta go! ” She chuckles thinking, “It is free for the picking if you just leave them there.” He has raspberries and blueberries that she got a glimpse of when sitting for the girls (German Shepherd mix gals that is) a month ago.  He truly is blessed with a lovely back yard that serves him what he needs…a few apple trees and a few berry bushes. But you know the old saying, “You snooze, you loose.”  This little bird “grabbed” this opportunity!

raspberry favour
raspberry favour

raspberry favours
dripping with sweetness
pickpocket finch

© Tournesol ’15

Haiku Horizon “grab”

12 thoughts on “grab your chance (haibun)”

    1. Thanks so much, Janice. Hope you are settling in alright and that it’s not too hot. It is 60F tonight and expecting mid 80’s for the weekend…Today was my last vacation day…two day weekend and back to work


      1. Always tough to end a vacation. Dr. visit yesterday determined I had a concussion from the fall. Been dizzy on and of, a few memory issues and general tiredness. All symptoms of a concussion. So am to take it easy for a while. Easier said than done when keeping up with a gaggle of grandkids. ; )


      2. Do take it easy, Janice. My son had a few concussions and they truly wear you down…you think are okay but the brain takes time to heal. Okay, I shut up now:)


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