good, bad and ugly of desire (troiku)

red rose

lead me not
old man begs Johnny Walker,
into temptation

lead me not,
there once was a virgin,
into temptation

old man begs Johnny Walker
thinking of good ol’ times,
hangover aside

into temptation
falls upon sweet innocence,
sinful bliss of Rose

(c) Tournesol’15

Haiku Horizons “lead”

Read here to learn more about the Troiku

22 thoughts on “good, bad and ugly of desire (troiku)”

  1. Oscar Wilde said
    I can resist anything except temptation LOL.
    He also said
    Always forgive your enemies…nothing annoys them so much !
    Good use of the Troiku form..


    1. Oh!!! I love both quotes!! The second one reminds me when my children were at a stage of resisting…and wanted/needed a bit of a fight. I would have to hide my smile and look stern…if I smiled or said something tinkerbellish, “Ah mommy still loves you” that would send them off in a puff:)


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