Chiyo-ni: The Snow Woman (haiku)

I was so fascinated by Chiyo-Ni’s haiku,  that I had check to see if I could find an ebook this morning and found a lovely collection of 44 selected Haiku composed during the entire life of Chiyo-ni. The Snow Woman :Selected Haiku by Fukuda Chiyo-Ni. Haiku selected and translated by Luca Cenisi, President of the Italian Haiku Association (AIH)

There are so many great haiku, it was not easy choosing…I think I may start a little booklet working on some of her haiku and trying to write in that tone this fall.

on her day off
a prostitute wakes up, alone:
the cold of nights
© Chiyo-Ni

school’s out
old Miss Grant shuffles on home
vacant rooms scream

© Tournesol ’15

Here is one more:

I saw the moon:
now I can say goodbye
to this world
© Chiyo-ni

sunset divine
calling me softly
to the other side

© Tournesol ’15

13 thoughts on “Chiyo-ni: The Snow Woman (haiku)

  1. That is such a good idea about starting a booklet. That could be such a great way to practice, Lord knows I need it. In the little digging I did on her it was such a joy to read about her and her work. Awesome take.


  2. Great idea to create a little booklet … I write all the episodes for CDHK first on paper, and than I post them online. In my opinion it works.
    As I started writing haiku I Always used a booklet, so I have a lot of haiku written by hand on my Bookshelf.


  3. nice work Cheryl . both are lovely . the first one is simply remarkable .
    The second one written on her deathbed shook me when I read it for the first time . and now yours is so spiritual ….sunset divine swept me away ….!! ❤


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