on ice (tanka – haiku)

I truly love this prompt!! it speaks to me and puts me right where I am in my life.

sifting through
the personal effects
of a spider’s web
an autumn wind loosens
another anchor thread
© Laura Williams (a.k.a. Lolly)


kitchen view river march 6th

She lived in the ancestral home by the river…not too long ago; this will be the first autumn without her. 

by the river
 last of the fallen leaves
floating in the current
memories of you and me

locking souvenirs –
frozen in time

(c) Tournesol ‘15

21 thoughts on “on ice (tanka – haiku)”

  1. There have been many first time with for several of us this year. Mom’s birthday is on Sept. 11. Her first not to celebrate in 97 years….


    1. Oh my, Janice, 9-11 as well:( I will be thinking of you and your family on that day…first are so hard to pass…they all are but the first certainly hardest. I had coffee with a friend today, I had not seen in a few years and she started writing haiku and tanka…go figure the coincidence!! I told her how wrting has helped tremendously in my grief…big hugs to you, Janice xx


    1. No!! it is 30C here…we are still in our heatwave. This photo was taken on the river behind my mom’s home to match the post:) memories frozen in time…actaully taken the day she passed that photo.

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      1. I took an intro to art therapy at the end of my degree and regretted not having learned more earlier If I would have stayed in Toronto I would have taken the programme but this poetry business interests me a lot.


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