Merci Chèvrefeuille (tanka – haiku)

I am trying to keep the mood of our host and mentor for already, almost three years of hosting haiku memes.  Rather than translate word for word, I have written both a French and English interpretation of his haiku:

haiku poets
write about transience … a short moment
lasting in time

© Chèvrefeuille

haiku poets
come together in passing – still,
virtual and real

poètes de haïku
rendez-vous précaire – encore,
virtuel et vrai

© Tournesol ‘15

And this is my thanks to our mentor, Chèvrefeuille, who shares his passion and thoughtfully teaches us more than words, daily.

haiku lover
shares his passion, teaching
one moment comes to life
seventeen syllables

© Tournesol’15

Carpe Diem Haiku Kai – Time Machine

I chose this video of More Than Words (one of my most favourite songs)  with the original  Extreme in front of a live audience. I think this shows our “coming together” at Carpe Diem as a family.   Merci Kristjaan pour ton dévouement . Cheryl-Lynn

11 thoughts on “Merci Chèvrefeuille (tanka – haiku)”

  1. OMG Cheryl Lynn what can I say … I am honored by the words you sprinkle over me … I am just a happy haiku poet who loves to share his knowledge and enthousiasm for this little poem from the Far East … Thank you Cheryl for your kind words and the translations of my haiku and that beautiful tanka you have written especially for me.


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