Humble offering (haiku)

© Clr'
© Clr’

September 27th Supermoon Lunar Eclipse

exudes perfection
I had nothing to capture
your glowing presence

only deity
manifests divine beauty
of this calibre

etched in my memory,
divine excellence

© Tournesol `15

Full Moon May 14th 2014 was a sight for sore eyes. I tried to take a photo…okay, I took many but nothing, just nothing rendered its beauty.

Update: September 28, 2015 after seeing the super blood moon and lunar eclipse last night, I have to say I was thrilled beyond words…so will use this poem to share my experience last night as well as a photo I took with my I-phone.

7 thoughts on “Humble offering (haiku)”

  1. Lovely! The photos are very nice. The iPhone’s do a great job. There were thin clouds and I should have used a tripod. Oh, well, seeing something like that was so pleasant.


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