garished dressings (haibun)

© Clr'
© Clr’15

Gazing at the blood moon turning red during the lunar eclipse, she was mesmerized to see how the sun reflected the colours of our earth, such a rich red-brown beauty in the sky.

trees in garished robes
hues of reds fall silently –
moon holds centre stage

© Tournesol ’15

9 thoughts on “garished dressings (haibun)”

  1. I missed watching it.

    You know when I got home form work I noticed that there was total darkness everywhere made more poignant because we were in black out too. Some minutes later I saw through my window that my compound had sort of brightened and my mom commented that we had a full moon. But I never went out to see it. I never knew we were experiencing the lunar eclipse! Oh yes! And my chance at witnessign another beauty of nature sent up in smoke. 🙂

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    1. I don`t remember if I saw it in 1982 and I don`t have t.v. or listen to radio but fortunately I found out on fb and at work we all went up to the roof to see the moon turn red:) You still have another chance in 18 years…me, not sure I will still be around.

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