lumière de la pleine lune (haiku)

Autumn Moon -Chèvrefeuille

We asked  to write a haiku inspried by our host’s haiku as well as the theme autumn.

light of the full moon
shines through colored leaves
at last … autumn

© Chèvrefeuille

la lumière de la pleine lune
brille à travers les feuilles colorées
enfin … l’automne
© Chèvrefeuille (traduit)

Summer vacation puts close friends and lovers at a distance sometimes;  some have summer jobs far from their loved ones or distant summer homes.  Autumn can be a blessing for many…

claire de la lune
flamme de son cœur fébrile

retrouvailles d’amoureux
retour au collège

retour au collège
lueur de la pleine lune
brille sur son visage

brille sur son visage
joues rougissantes la trahissent
yeux pétillants sollicitent

© Tournesol ’15

migrating hummingbird (haiga) 30 Days of Haiga – Sept 5/15

September 5 – Southern Hemisphere – travel, Northern Hemisphere – Hummingbird

Hummingbird flying towards feeder

hummer’s long trek
suckling red blossoms – heads to
South America

© Tournesol ’15

Photo credits:

More about migrating hummingbirds from Québec to South and Central America here

Written for 30 days of Haiga


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September 1 to 4, 2015 30 days of Haiga

I am catching up to 30 days of Haiga; Rick Daddario launches his daily challenge in September … 30 days of Haiga

Here are the prompts for first 4 days of September

1. [for Sept. 1]
Northern Hemisphere: The calendar and late summer
Southern Hemisphere: The calendar and late winter
2. [for Sept. 2]
Northern Hemisphere: Fire and the beach
Southern Hemisphere: Fire and a fireplace
3. [for Sept. 3]
Northern Hemisphere: Afternoon tea
Southern Hemisphere: Skyscrapers
4. [for Sept. 4]
Northern Hemisphere: Macadamia nuts
Southern Hemisphere: Wildlife

September 1 Late summer

Photo credits: Caroline Michaud Photographie

folly of innocence,
summer love ends – but,
forever engraved

Sept 2 buried in cinders

Frozen in time

whispered promises –
will you still remember,
dreams carved in sand

Sept 3 Afternoon tea


life’s simple pleasures,
nana lets the tea steap – waits,
after school treat

September 4 Wildlife (this one spoke more to me)

bird on a wire

vacant campground
bird on a wire –
rippling silence

© Tournesol ’15


silence restored (haibun)

Mont Oford

The first weekend of September celebrates Labour Day; this truly marks summer’s end. Youths return  to school or college and parents find this the best time to pack up the summer cottage or camper.   Surely there will be many revelers around the last seasonal bonfire until the following spring.

Perhaps a few businesses may grieve the loss of revenue; small villages, on the other hand, are finally returned to their residents as peaceful movements on their roads resume.

doves mourn in the park
seagulls screeching by the lake –
all those lost treats!

City folks in the ‘60’s had to drive through her small town and often stopped at the chip wagon next to the park. Many Montréalais had heard,  by word of mouth,  of the delicious frites Chez Roger.  Most were off to the Eastern Townships surrounded by lakes and mountains to relax at their summer cottages or camps.

on a mountain path
wildlife embrace the stillness,
alone – home, at last!

alone – home at last!
little critters celebrate –
silence of the night

© Tournesol ’15

Carpe Diem Tokubetsudesu “summer’s end”

autumn’s bliss (haibun)

© Clr’14 taken first week of October – a stranger accepted to be photographed on this glorious day!

Shivering in the cool air shortly after dawn, you can see her breath in smoke signals as she walks quickly to stay warm. Lunchtime has a change of heart…

midday radiance
greets a summer’s breeze –
season’s treat
fall’s tucked up on a shelf
dead leaves shed their tell-tale scents

© Tournesol ’15

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