daybreak nudge (haiku)

BFF (Best Feline Friend) Bette

pre dawn call
stares at the human

jabs one front paw
ever gently

ever gently
nudges for a cuddle
to be stroked

to be stroked
love’s laboured gest
purrs of delight

purrs of delight
returns to heavenly bliss
on makeshift bed

© Tournesol ’15

Three Word Wednesday – Jab – Laboured – Makeshift

6 thoughts on “daybreak nudge (haiku)”

  1. These felines have a way of expecting to be showered with warmth, especially at inappropriate times. That somehow make them more lovable and not an irritant, though! Great cascades Cheryl!



    1. Thanks…she’s a rescue and it took me three years to have the heart to get another feline after my 2 male cats passed. I love how each cat has a distinct personality. Of course Bette loves men more…she is a real “chatte” I named her after my mom


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