day’s end (haibun – haiga)

It’s not even three  in the afternoon and already the day is ready to close right before my eyes. Sadly, I watch the clouds get darker from my window.  Even the cars passing by on the boulevard are louder. I hear a humming that was not there in the summer.  I just realized this a few days ago, it is the winter tires that make the traffic sound louder and soon I will be hearing the studded tires crackling along on the pavement too.

As the season gets darker, bleaker, barren and colourless perhaps the sounds seem more acute as well notwithstanding those studded tires of course.

dayling slowly sinks

humming lullabies
daylight slowly sinks –
sleep well

© Tournesol ’15

22 thoughts on “day’s end (haibun – haiga)”

  1. Love how your focused on the winter sounds… the way we are going into hibernation, these days when even cars lament the ice…

    I do no know what you wanted to link up to dVerse… but just attach the link in the comment section and I will correct.


    1. Thank you. I have another haibun scheduled for later with the painting of Van Gogh. Rather than take part in more poetry or nano months I challenged myself at Traces to write a haibun a day including a music video. I love writing haibun. I call the challenge simply November Haibun


  2. Pleasure of light now
    dopamine producing
    rays of sunlight..
    it’s real also
    in serotonin..
    but sure there
    are other ways to get
    it.. namely free art
    of dance and music
    that sings
    free to
    heart and
    feat of feet.
    Smiles.. disco
    teaches me this Winter
    of the 70’s.. the lesson
    remembered.. danCinG
    now and dark days never
    ever Come
    in dance
    in fact..
    i do it everywhere i go..
    happiness can be free
    when set free of fear
    in a

    SinGs SuNliGht


      1. 🙂 I have been walking with a cane off and on because I have been on a waiting list to see a specialist. Today I finally asked another doctor to get another X-Ray and try physio therapy so I can get active again at 63 I want to still feel 55:)

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  3. Nice haibun about the changing seasons. did you mean to submit a haibun fitting the painting prompt? If so, please link by Mr. Linky. As this haibun is not for the prompt and the link you provided did not go to a poem, you may want to remove this haibun and use for an Open Link event. This one is so nice, I can hardly wait to read the poem for the prompt today. I too enjoy writing haibun and was going to do one for this prompt, but have submitted several in a row and decided to go differently with free verse.


    1. I must have made a mistake if this went to the link for the prompt… no this was just a moment I noticed the day getting dark so quickly. My haibun for the prompt was scheduled for later and it is linked now. Thanks for your kind words, glad you enjoyed it.


      1. It is a lovely haibun. Some of us link up haibun to various prompts that don’t call for a specific form/device instead of the usual free verse. So please do visit us again and submit your lovely work.


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