dancing in the wind (haibun)

© dverse Poets Pub,View of the church of Saint Paul de Mausole 1889 – private collection of Elizabeth Taylor

The sun is smiling today.  There is still an extra hour of bright colours before I am forced to retire to the  gloom of old church dorms.   I must hurry  and not waste time in the narrows of my mind!   It is time to capture what my heart might see some day…again.   Oh to have lived among the life of such hints, once sparked my life.

The sky is bursting with bright aqua and the sun is so bright it  dominates the clouds.  Billows smile in her golden glow. Oh how I would love to be there some day and run through the fields with my lover.  Hand in hand skipping like youngsters again. Oh, to be young again and soulfully alive.

It is a good harvest,  I overheard a farmer say to the cook last week. And yes, I can see the wealth of wheat so much prettier in the fields;  blow, blow wind!  Run while you still can until we meet again in the grey pit of my breakfast bowl  where only milk and brown sugar will turn you into a shade of mud.

feel nature’s pulse
golden wheat waltz
lilt of the wind

© Tournesol ’15

Dverse Poets – Monday Haibun

November Haibun #3

THE WALTZING WIND – Michiel Merkies – Piano Solos volume 1

45 thoughts on “dancing in the wind (haibun)”

  1. So nice to see your words dance
    again.. my friend.. truly the darkness
    and pain i have lived in life
    tales me without a doubt
    that miracles are
    real and in this
    life with believe
    just believe in
    you anything
    is possible
    and can come
    true.. if only
    arms waving
    as wheat of
    dance in golden
    fields and blue skies
    of alive again always now
    smiling and laughing as
    human being shall

    Dance Light
    moves Love
    grains of us..:)


    1. Oh, I love that “seals it” ! a compliment for the haiku should add something different a little special too. Your comments are always so encouraging in my writing, thank you, again:)

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  2. Oooh, I didn’t know it was in the private collection of Elizabeth Taylor – or had been – I assume you mean the actress?
    A rich, ripe, bountiful harvest is heralded here in this poem which tickles my taste buds and addresses all my senses, in fact.


    1. Yes, I researched a bit what this church represented when Van Gogh painted this. Van Gogh actually voluntarily committed himself to this (church turned into an asylum) …so much history, I may search to read more on his life.


  3. If I were to re-write the poem I wrote for this prompt, it would sound something like this…a narrative of a third person who lives nearby..poor probably, who works, dreams, and lives and breaths the the sky and fields first hand. Beautiful.


  4. Love the bright colors and positive energy radiating from your haibun ~ Also love that lilt of the wind ~

    Thanks for linking up with Haibun Monday ~


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