Beaver Full Moon (Haibun)

© Clr’15/11/24 Beaver Full Moon



Walking home late a night one would think she should be frightened.  But not tonight with the light of that bright moon.  The moon was almost full under a clear sky.   Tomorrow it will a perfect circle but she didn’t take a chance. “What if it rains? What if the sky is filled with snow clouds?”  No, she would not take a chance and tries to capture the greatness of this moon.  The air is cooler than the past few weeks and it smells  like snow should be coming very soon. Yes, at minus 4C the next precipitations would surely snow.

She removes her leather gloves to manipulate her smart phone to take the photo.  It is nippy and she can see her breath blow white smoke.   On this long dark street filled with old warehouses of the 1940’s slowly transforming into funky lofts.

November full moon was called Full Beaver Moon or Full Frost Moon since it was a time when Native Americans would set  their traps before the swamps froze. (Farmer’s Almanac)

Click…and off she continues on her journey home.  Seconds before arriving, she notices her shadow in front of her was a fatter version of her, to her right was a paler shorter shadow and to her left a tall stretched out version of her. No, she has no reason to be scared on her walks home…she definitely has plenty of company.


Setting up traps
before water freezes over
Beaver Full Moon

Beaver Full Moon
accompanies her home
lights up her path

© Tournesol’15/11/24

Beethoven-Moonlight Sonata (Mvt. 1)

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