lumière blanche (haibun)

They kneel around his bed whispering their prayers. Seven children and the youngest seventeen holding back his tears, showing a brave face.  The golden spaniel whimpers on the floor.  His wife holds ice chips to his lips.  Propped up with pillows, facecloth on his forehead, he looks at his loved ones, he smiles and sighs, “La lumière blanche…que c’est beau!”

flying deer
trailing a white light
look of wonder

look of wonder
embracing grace
heaven awaits

© Tournesol ’15/11/28

20 thoughts on “lumière blanche (haibun)

    • Thanks, Janice. When I think of that memory, I realize how lucky I was to see this…I had peaked in the bedroom and he smiled at me even though all those adults kneeling around him were weeping and shoed me out. As a young child we do see things so differently. I still remember that smile.


    • It was actually a bittersweet experience.At six I knew it was sad to did not grasp the “forever” part yet. My sister and I would each go into separate rooms to try and cry like our mother and aunts and uncles were. Innocence is truly bliss.


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