how time flies (haibun – daily moments 15/12/30)

Such weakness of body pulled her down throughout the day; she tried to read to no avail; writing a line or two would have been a paramount success but with feeble mind the words were lost in a fog;  she completely lost track of time.

cruising in sleep
around the clock and then some,
sailing through time

(c) Tournesol ’15

Daily Moments – December 30 2015

flawless (haibun)

Looking out the window, she takes note at this part of winter she enjoys so much. Sitting comfortably in the warmth of her home, her furry friend sits by her side, content her mistress is home today.

She sees a car drive by covered in snow and only a small circle in the windshield brushed off to see. She sighs. She had strict rules about driving in winter and always took extra time to scrap the snow off all the windows of her car. “One less thing to worry about, now” she thought to herself, since she no longer had a car. No more stressing to get anywhere that public transit or a taxi couldn`t do just as well and safely.

white downy snow
flawless –
adorns the land

© Tournesol ’15/12/29

The Secret Keeper Prompt: PART | STONE | FLAW | STRICT | NOTE |

snow angels (haibun – daily moments)

Sits by the window looking at the white blanket covering Mother Earth. Snow banks form hills tempting eager children. Cars hidden under mounds of whiteness; their owners deciding to forgo driving today and dig out their vehicles later…tomorrow is another day.

bemused and rapt
looks out at sheer whiteness
dreams of snow angels

© Tournesol’15/12/29

Daily Moments shared

night flurries (haibun – daily moments)

There is an image printed in my mind, I have seen so often walking home late at night in the winter. The snow falls, and sounds almost like muffled thunder. It can be so easily mistaken for  my breathing or sounds of traffic from highways outside of the city.

I remember living in my condo on the 20th floor how difficult it was to decipher sounds in the building. One could not tell if there was running water, if it was coming from the 10th floor or the 6th floor. Noise traveled through the pipes and could easily mislead the human ear.

I am reminded of that fact when I hear sounds in the winter night. I live in a suburbia yet I can see the bridge from my home that reaches the island of Montreal. I am surrounded by three majour highways and so when I hear a rumble in the nigh, I cannot always point out if it is from the sky or a huge truck bouncing on the highway kilometres away.

As I walk along the street leading to my home, I feel privileged seeing the untouched beauty along the way. The evergreens look like royalty with pristine snow sprinkled on their branches; barren trees now have white shawls loosely hanging on each limb. And as I look at the walkway to my home, I am royalty leaving my footprints on virgin snow.

(c) Clr ’15

flurries in the night
trees decked out as we sleep
paw prints on the snow

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 Carpe Diem Haiku Writing Technique : Movement (Undou)

merveille d’hiver/winter wonderland (Daily Moments – Haibun)

(c) Clr'15

(c) Clr’15

La luminosité des étoiles ainsi une pleine lune livrent une magie la nuit de Noël. Cette merveille compensa l’absence de neige. Le grondement du chasse-neige sur le pavé dégagea un son acceuillant.  En regardant par la fenêtre, ce sens de l’émerveillement enfantin la baigna.

pelouse vêtu en blanc
conifères parsemé de neige
les merveilles d’hiver

(c) Clr'15

(c) Clr’15

A clear night under shimmering stars and full moon added Christmas magic. It almost compensated for no snow. Early morning groan of the mega snow plow scraping pavement was a welcome sound. Looking out the window, that childlike sense of wonder washed all over her.

white covered lawns
snow sprinkled evergreens
winter wonderland

(c) Tournesol’15

December 27’15 Daily Moments


witness to a bad dream (haibun – Daily moments)

Contemplating on life, she looks for answers. So many missed opportunities throughout his life; family struggling yet still reaching out urging him to climb out of dark depths. Finally, crawling out he feels the warmth of light and smiles knowing not what’s next to come.

A tear rolls down her cheek …word of his grave illness pounding at the gate. The universe decides when to change one’s course in life.

ailing child
witness to declining health
a mother’s nightmare

© Tourensol’15/12/26