bridging seasons (haibun – troiku)

Last week she went on a journey, visiting special people who touched her soul with lasting imprints on her heart…now and forever.

last autumn colours

last days of autumn
taking in final colours
imitating life

bridging seasons

last days of autumn
crossing to the other side
between seasons

lingering leaves

taking in final colours
hanging on to lifeless limbs,
Ah! those tawny leaves


imitating life
poinsettia on a gravesite
honouring the dead

©Tournesol ’15


Inspired by Georgia’s breathtaking troiku

Carpe Diem Special #185 Georgia’s first “Autumn Reflections”


autumn reflections
as I cross the sun warmed bridge
geese fly south

autumn reflections
old man contemplates winter
under the hot sun

as I cross the sun warmed bridge
ducks laugh downstream
– diving for trout

geese fly south
the noisy swallows have gone
but the blackbird sings

17 thoughts on “bridging seasons (haibun – troiku)

  1. Splendid Cheryl-Lynn … I enjoyed how you presented a photo for each stanza of your adieu to autumn troiku … which was very beautifully written btw. Big hugs …


    • Thanks so much, Hamish, I did have those images in mind as I wrote my troika making it so much easier to create my haiga. Yes, I think you are right, it was a therapeutic process as well. Have not had much time or mindset to write as much lately, rather moved to processing things.


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