longing (Pleaides ~ Haibun)

A Pleiades is a 7 line poem created by Craig Tigerman.  It is named after the stars in the Pleiades star cluster in the constellation Taurus.  Each line has 6 syllables and begins with the same letter – which is the first letter in the (one word) title.



lolling on nature’s bed
look-up to the heavens
long for lavish showers
lustrous stars flourishing
left speechless and breathless
lamenting for lost souls
lust filled stars shimmering



Every year in mid-August, they used to lounge on the ground…two couples, heads touching looking up to the sky, pointing, shouting and alerting each other of a shooting star. All night long eyes caught in the sea of Pleiades that cool summer night. Year after year, it was a ritual at the camp by the lake. The children stayed up with the adults until midnight. The parents stayed up until four in the morning, not one bit of tiredness for their conversations between shooting stars sightings they bonded as adults, man, woman, mother, father, husband wife and sailors.

August Perseid
lay in wait on dewy grass
counting shooting stars

© Tournesol ’15

Mindlovemiserysmenagerie – BP Shadorma and Beyond

15 thoughts on “longing (Pleaides ~ Haibun)”

      1. It was such a random thing and unplanned. I was out there visiting a friend from elementary school and she invited me to come along. I did and it was fun 🙂


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