Indian Summer (haibun)


Fallen leaves carpet grounds in ambers, except for those that hold on limbs for dear life. Parks are barren, missing squeals of youths and laughter among families. Park benches are abandoned by lovers, both young and old. Autumn’s melancholy mushrooms over time as winds blow mockingly. Suddenly, temperatures rise to unseasonal heights with warmer days, oh! so short-lived, teasing all things living.

Indian Summer squats
basking under sun kissed skies
Mother Nature lies.

© Tournesol’15/12/08

Six Sentence Stories “lie”


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5 thoughts on “Indian Summer (haibun)

  1. It HAS been teasing lately!!! Im so glad you found six sentence stories!!! This is one of the most lovely things Ive ever read about lying!!!! This week cue is the word standard. And the link will go live on Thursdays. & I try to put out the Q every Sunday so you have time to work on it if you like. I look forward to seeing you there. if you’d like to come you’re more than welcome!


    • I will try to remember. Perhaps if I follow you that’ll settle the issue. Thanks so much for you kind words. It was fun! If it is not a haibun however it will go on my other blog at Traces.


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