Trauma (haiku)

leans her weary head,
hair is stroked for comfort
on her mama’s chest

wicked images flash
every space inside her brain
melts into her soul

© Tournesol ’15/12/22

I’m so happy I found this website at Bastet and Sekhmet
Written for  The Secret Keeper Writing Prompt:

12 thoughts on “Trauma (haiku)”

      1. I–ah–can’t stand strangers touch my hair. So I skip the hair washing and just get a quick cut once or twice a year. I have long hair and they just yank on it making my scalp ache! Not something I like getting done…


      2. I go once a year now as I also want to keep my hair long and when I ask to cut only the ends, they snip off 2 inches. My daughter doesn’t like her head touched either…best part of a massage

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      3. Definitely!! I am fussy with that…do not want a chatterbox cos it is MY time. I talk on the phone counselling all day, so if they talk too much I want to scream and say SHUT UP…but I don’t just go somewhere else. I am looking for one now.

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  1. To find that comfort sometimes is absent. Many years can go by before the comfort is found. It’s a rough subject you pull out of the 5 words. A delicate trip to take. The flash back taking her back. It is necessary for her mind to escape the images. Melting into her soul is a good place to find safety. Your Haiku should pull at the strings of those who want to comfort and those who need the comforting. Your use of the 5 words was a moving trip through childhood and time. I hope you come again. – jk


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