merveille d’hiver/winter wonderland (Daily Moments – Haibun)

(c) Clr'15

(c) Clr’15

La luminosité des étoiles ainsi une pleine lune livrent une magie la nuit de Noël. Cette merveille compensa l’absence de neige. Le grondement du chasse-neige sur le pavé dégagea un son acceuillant.  En regardant par la fenêtre, ce sens de l’émerveillement enfantin la baigna.

pelouse vêtu en blanc
conifères parsemé de neige
les merveilles d’hiver

(c) Clr'15

(c) Clr’15

A clear night under shimmering stars and full moon added Christmas magic. It almost compensated for no snow. Early morning groan of the mega snow plow scraping pavement was a welcome sound. Looking out the window, that childlike sense of wonder washed all over her.

white covered lawns
snow sprinkled evergreens
winter wonderland

(c) Tournesol’15

December 27’15 Daily Moments


8 thoughts on “merveille d’hiver/winter wonderland (Daily Moments – Haibun)

    • It is a glorious sunny day today as was Christmas Eve but first snow last night,finally. I’m nursing a bad cold now, and hope the weather stays below freezing. 16C a few days ago and last night -9C I find when we get a good deep freeze for a few weeks, the germs die off…or maybe I am just hoping:)


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