flawless (haibun)

Looking out the window, she takes note at this part of winter she enjoys so much. Sitting comfortably in the warmth of her home, her furry friend sits by her side, content her mistress is home today.

She sees a car drive by covered in snow and only a small circle in the windshield brushed off to see. She sighs. She had strict rules about driving in winter and always took extra time to scrap the snow off all the windows of her car. “One less thing to worry about, now” she thought to herself, since she no longer had a car. No more stressing to get anywhere that public transit or a taxi couldn`t do just as well and safely.

white downy snow
flawless –
adorns the land

© Tournesol ’15/12/29

The Secret Keeper Prompt: PART | STONE | FLAW | STRICT | NOTE |

20 thoughts on “flawless (haibun)

    • All four sides have to be cleared if you want to avoid getting a ticket here. But I’m such a chicken anyway before that law came through…I gotta see everywhere before I step on the gas. My son got a ticket last year for one window not being cleared in the back.

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  1. I love to watch the snow falling down but rarely do I drive in it. It has to be something pretty important I can’t cancel and reschedule. But if I do go out. I make sure my entire car is clear of snow. I mean everywhere. Roof. Windows. Engine hood. Bumpers. All around the lights. I like my car to look like it hasn’t been snowed on.

    I thought your story was a great opener. It really gets the reader involved in what you are writing immediately. Going without a car can be difficult where I live but we did the first two years we moved to the Green Mountains where last year it snowed almost everyday, if not all day and night too.

    I noticed 4 of the words and I am assuming you are using land for stone. If that is not so, then, my new computer and reading book glasses don’t see it. Let me know either way. The words weaved their way nicely through your story with a lovely poetic ending. – jk



    • Thank you for your lovely comment and share. I had meant to write a flawless stone indeed as I was looking at a covered stones on my lawn. But I have not been well, and my mind does drift off into a fog these days. You know it is a law here to clean your car or you will get a ticket but it is more than just the windows. Just like you do, snow or pieces of ice stuck on the hood, dash or bumpers can go flying onto the cars behind you on highways…I know, I have been startled a few times in my life. I do like driving on fresh snow and you can hear it under your car…whoosh, whoosh and you have to keep up a steady speed not to get stuck.Those were the days I lived back home…very small town and loads of country roads. Happy New Year to you as well and thank you for hosting these fun prompts.


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