Irish tea (haibun – troiku)

© Clr’16

She enjoyed tea especially in her old porcelain cups.  On her father’s side of the family, the O’Donnell’s had enhanced their tea rituals with porcelain sets imported from their homeland. Over the years her great-aunt’s collection had grown so much only half was housed in the antique china cabinet she had inherited from her parents.

When tea was growing in popularity, teas produced in Assam were imported to Ireland from British East India Company offering a more robust flavour.


lips on porcelain
robust in flavour, yet
elegant and pure

lips on porcelain
transforming humble customs

robust in flavour, yet
tender traces –

elegant and pure
demanding – subtle


Carpe Diem Timeglass – Drinking Tea

in loving memory of the traveler 2016/01/28 14:48

wpid-20141211_133300.jpg© Clr 16/01/28

the explorer
seeking answers wrapped in gold
life’s journey

snowflakes gently fall
this mild wintry afternoon
tears of relief
angels greet this new spirit
stripped of pain, lives forever

a dove chortles
wings that lift him high above
bows in reverence

a mother gasps
grabbing at her heart
leans on the father

little sis’ weeps
leaning on her sons
and loving spouse

baby brother
cradled by his children
wife feels his heartbeat

minions pray
aunts, uncles, offspring and friends
pillars stand guard

let us pray
a new dimension of love
his safe passage


Daily Moments January 26 2016  14:48

Daily Moments – Jan 25 2015 chasing stars (haibun)

Walking home last night she slowed her pace to enjoy watching snowflakes falling softly.  She had missed the full moon the night before and knew it would still be quite full unless it was hidden by those snow clouds. 

full moon chasing stars
snowflake brushed her cheek
behind swirly clouds

©Tournesol ’16/01/25

Daily Moments January 25, 2016