winter interlude (haibun – daily moments)

© Clr ’16

Consistency breeds comfort. It feels familiar when repeated at the same time over and over, like a mother’s lullaby soothing her baby.   After the first snowstorm of the season, nature seems to produce a steady snowfall every other day…sometimes  a heavy flurry that often tapers to a slow constant flutter.

She hears a humming in the middle of the night a drone that calms her back to sleep.  Bu,t this morning she awakens just before sunrise and watches the snow fall gently.   It’s a light snow at first …just enough to veil the outlines of the droning machinery outside her window.

She looks at the trees, fitted with sweaters of pure white and the cedars hide bashfully under stoles of pure fresh powder.

It’s Sunday morning and the sun is rising somewhere in the east far above snow clouds.  The sky is a pearly grey, not threatening in the least but rather like a dome hovering over her home.  It feels like a shower of white poppies…nature suggesting Sabbath’s day of rest.

She hears another snowplough clearing a shopping centre’s lot across the street; those eager patrons will be checking the last day of Boxing Day week hoping to find another deal, the right size, and right colour… the real deal!  If not, they’ll just sit in the mall with a Laura Secord ice cream cone and watch the tired faces of adults being pulled by their offspring s chanting, “Just one more, just one more!”  Comfortable armchairs are strategically placed in the centre hallway of the mall where tired fathers and husbands wait patiently and people watch.

© Clr’16

A smug smile forms on her lips as she relishes the warmth and calm of her home, not inclined in the least to go out unless she needs something.  She sighs, relieved at the thought of not having to brush half a foot of snow off the hood of a car and  scrape the windows of melted snow turned to ice and sits back relishing the sound of  her furry friend purr.

© Clr’16

arresting snow – falls,
manmade humming stills,
settles on a branch

© Tournesol ’16/01/03

Daily Moments of January 3, 2016

Heeding Haiku with Chèvrefeuille at MLMM

20 thoughts on “winter interlude (haibun – daily moments)”

  1. What a beautifully serene post ma chère … I’m loving living these snowy days with you and Bess … she certainly looks content snuggled up and watching the snow! Each photo tells a fantastic story, and your haiku is a bijoux!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I agree and I would add that I love these lines of description: “She looks at the trees, fitted with sweaters of pure white and the cedars hide bashfully under stoles of pure fresh powder.”

      Liked by 1 person

  2. We only had a few flakes yesterday morning. And now it has gotten too cold for snow.
    It was 15 F or -9 c this morning!

    Though I do remember a few years when the snow stayed around for a good few weeks. We are expecting more rain this week.

    I too avoid ‘The Mall’ and such busy stores. I have more fun shopping at garage or boot sales during the summer and Charity shops. But I am trying to be better about not having such a large stock! 🙂


    1. Yes, I am going to clear up the many winter coats I no longer wear because they are just too heavy on my shoulders. Time to purge but I was waiting to deliver some to a place for the refugees who have just arrived in Montreal.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I attempt every year to gift at least some coats to a place that collects them for Veterans. A local funeral parlor actually.


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