nuit de rêve (haiku)

Our host, Chèvrefeuille at Carpe Diem gave us a photo to inspire our imagination and paint what we see with our words.

poussière d’ange
cantiques lumineuses
dans la voie lactée

angel dust
radiant incantations
in the milky way

© Tournesol ’16/01/04

21 thoughts on “nuit de rêve (haiku)”

      1. Ah gee, what a compliment. I still have so much to learn when I read my haijin friends…I have enjoyed haiku before realizing it was haiku:) so many fleeting moments can be captured in a small capsule.

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      2. Yay! I’m headed back to work tomorrow. I was supposed to go back on Monday but life had other plans and didn’t bother to inform me until late Sunday night. Oh well.


      3. Thanks, my car decided it didn’t want to go to work today. So it refused to start. I got it jumped and then all kinds of electrical problems conspired to prevent it from shifting out of park. 😦 it’s at the local mechanic’s now and I’m home finally to wait for word.


      4. Well a battery has a life…I scrapped my car over a year ago and feel bad that I had just changed battery. My mechanic surely had a few parts to sell that were still good.

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      5. Yes, I learned that today. I had never really thought about my car’s battery until this. well at least my car is working and I can get back to work tomorrow. Hoping tomorrow will be a good day. I have earned one!


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