enchanted evening (tanka)

waiting for her prince
some enchanted evening
a lovers’ meeting
years of tears shall never cease
accepts this fairy tale is true

© Tournesol’16/01/09

Looking at this prompt at The Secret Keeper, this Saturday morning, watching a romantic (cheesy) movie my muse got caught up with this poem.

 (5) Words: | WAIT | MEET | TEAR | ACCEPT | CEASE |

16 thoughts on “enchanted evening (tanka)”

  1. My enchanted evening was in August, 1966. I was taking the garbage to the dumpster at the apartment complex and there was Mr. Wonderful at my front door. . . . lurking with my roommates boyfriend. They were getting ready to knock on the door as I opened it. good times plus bad times plus just getting by times equals a lifetime. Love your tanka. How are you feeling?


    1. I love your the love story of you and Gene, Janice. I am recuperating nicely and on week two with shorter shifts my managers were nice enough to comply:) Thanks so much for asking.


      1. Well, now, I should hope you still believe my dear…I have experienced a few princes and the memories can carry me over (winks) Years ago, a therapist told me I was in love with love and I still am.

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  2. Frank Sinatra sings the wanting of that enchanting evening to be transformed from a dream into reality. It is possible for these dreams to occur. Looking doesn’t find her. She will appear when you have the least of expectations. An inspiring Tanka for all of us romantics out here. You used the words expressively, awakening the memories or love’s longings. Lovely Tanka. – jk


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