winter’s grace (haibun)


It rained all day and night last weekend. She thought it might just be a brief break in the season. The following day temperatures dropped so much the shiny streets turn white with frost. Whatever reason Mother Nature may give for these changes in the weather, winter is still here to stay…for a while, that is.

© Clr'16
© Clr’16

forgiving nature
winter repents
graced with beauty

© Tournesol’16/01/14

32 thoughts on “winter’s grace (haibun)”

      1. 😀 I knew you would! You are an expert at finding beauty in everything and capturing that beauty–even if it’s fleeting–in your haiku gems. 🙂


  1. There is beauty and grace in the winter season ~ We just have to look harder, I think ~

    Thanks for joining us for Haibun Monday ~


    1. The sun reflected on the snow does blind me. I find I wear sunglasses more in winter. I cannot complain so far with our winter. We only started getting snow between Christmas and New Years and so far the cold has not gone below -20 C but the winds can knock you over sometimes.


  2. Excellent piece. The words tell a true story of where weather is headed. Let’s hope we can appease Mother Nature in time to switch things up and get it to spin around. You brought beauty into the cold briskness of winter. Snowflakes are amazing. Without the cold they never would exist. – jk


    1. Indeed, we cannot have snow, icicles, skating rinks and ice fishing without cold. We need the cold nights especially in February and beginning of March for maple syrup….yum!

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