Change (Six Sentence Stories – Haiku – Tanka)


caterpillars change
painstakingly crawl up trees
into butterflies.

tadpoles mesmerize
swirling in a frenzy
making kids dizzy
sans a princess kiss
change into a frog.

change is constant
something you can count on
dependable and sure.

seedlings sprout
change into budding flowers
one of nature’s grace

children’s innocence
beware, abuse kills this purity
breaking little hearts.

birth is intense
prepares us for constant change
death- life’s peaceful rest.

(c) Tournesol ’16/01/17

Written for Six Sentence Stories

In honour of the late David Bowie…

7 thoughts on “Change (Six Sentence Stories – Haiku – Tanka)

    • Thanks, I had written my story at Traces already but I still had so much to say about changes and found this a perfect opportunity to use haiku as a sentence. Thanks for doing these fun prompts!


    • Thanks, Melinda. I thought writing haiku and tanka as one sentence each could fit into the 6 sentence stories but once I got going I was a bit surprised to see what my muse came up with. I think I was inspired by David Bowie’s song and his passing.

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