Daily Moments Jan 24 2016 – cat dreams (haibun)

© Clr'16

© Clr’16

She looked beside her on the bench beside where her feline friend was falling asleep all comfy in her bed.  Just as she raised her phone to show off her friend, it was as if she had antennae…

respect is key
feline courtesy when asleep,
do not disturb!

She resumed her reading and glanced now and then, envious of her little friend who had drifted back so easily to another world…

© Clr'16

© Clr’16

dazed and confused
catnap’s treasured dreams
three blind mice

© Tournesol ’16/01/24

Daily Moments Jan 24 2016

Haiku Horizons “sleep”

28 thoughts on “Daily Moments Jan 24 2016 – cat dreams (haibun)

      • Ha, I`m petting Bette next to my desk…I move her bed whenever I change spot. She loves to be petted but will not sit on my lap. She will curl up on my desk next to my laptop…bump my head with her hers so I can pet her and the longest I can literally hold her in my arms is about 10 seconds. They each have their personalities, don’t they?

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      • They sure do the little love-balls! Lol! Boo won’t lap much either but will lay between my legs when I have my chair back while I’m online. ( I use my Chromebook on my lap.) He has to be “in the mood” though. Head bumps are the best aren’t they? We have a patio with a fence around it (6 ft.) and Boo goes out and has never tried to escape! He has his claws too, he is just happy to sit on his tree and watch. I keep an eye on him anyway. My Boo is my baby and I hope to save a (small dog) puppy maybe this summer. Enjoy your week!


  1. Ah Bess looks so pleased in that second photo … and her eyes are literally shooting a “Watch it my dear!” message in the first … loved your story, the haiku were splendid.


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