Thinking of death, gives life more meaning (haibun) Episode 4

In the past few years I have been decluttering my home. I have started to give away cherished items to my children and will be giving them more this spring. My son asked me a few years ago if I was dying as he could not understand why I was doing this so soon in my life. I think this purging is symbolic of freeing myself so I can concentrate on things I love like reading, writing and making more time to volunteer and perhaps travel, something I put on hold for many years.

© Clr`16/02/18 Montréal streets

gathering leaves
autumn’s last vibrant breath
ready for winter
misty clouds form icicles
season’s final gems

© Tournesol’16/02/20

Carpe Diem Theme Week #1 episode 4: The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying: Insight 3 “thinking about death gives life meaning”

thinking about death gives life meaning
Our host, Chèvrefeuille says, “We all know that we will die someday. We also know that when this will happen we do not know, or what will be happening. Most of us don’t want to think about dying and in a way we hide for it. As I stated in an earlier post … “death is part of life, it’s the only certainty we have”.”

Here is his response:

Death is in my opinion part of life, without thinking about death we cannot live our life, or even better … without thinking about death we can not celebrate life. Look around you enjoy nature, enjoy the coming and going of the seasons in which life and death are each other’s best friends. If you look at living and dying as being part of nature, part of being human … than death can be giving meaning to life.

in the backyard
the old Sakura has lost his blossom
until next spring

© Chèvrefeuille

8 thoughts on “Thinking of death, gives life more meaning (haibun) Episode 4”

  1. “misty clouds form icicles
    season’s final gems” — what a beautiful way of looking at icicles! To me they are hanging weapons ready to fall and stab at any moment…


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