15 thoughts on “earth weeps (tanka)”

  1. I can see why you would feel Mother Nature weeping. The planet is angry at what humans are doing, We have lost the way the Earth could heal. We have harm it beyond repair. I hope that statement isn’t true. Mother Nature has some anger behind her tears. If humans don’t stop, She will stop us. Once Earth is free of our transgressions, it will finally be able to heal herself again. We need a new Spring. A brighter tomorrow where acceptance by all to stop damaging where we live. Stop the GREED. Those that damage don’t see it as their problem, they won’t be here when it all goes sideways. Lets hope for a brilliant Spring and some sense enters all to help stop Mother Nature from weeping. – jk ps. I do think about Mother Nature often but in my poem I was speaking of loss. But if your want to look at it both ways, they both are sensing loss. Something so meaningful has been and is being taken away. It is cause for tears.


    1. I could see both loss and nature’s loss in your poem… losses out of a person’s control. I find in haiku or tanka we often use nature to express human nature. I always enjoy your prompts….the words are always such a fun challenge….not too many, just enough.

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      1. Using nature to describe loss is a good way to express the symbolism of life. You saw right into my writing.

        Thank you for your comment about finding fun in the challenges. That makes me feel happy.


  2. A powerful poem– I saw two meanings in the last two lines: Mother Nature exhausted with the arctic cold or Nature not being able to stop premature warm spells –we’ve had some of those this winter as part of the major temperature fluctuations .


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