15 thoughts on “rush hour ride ~ tanka”

  1. Beautiful poem. More people should appreciate how wisdom and experience are etched into our bodies as we age and show more compassion and respect.
    I’ll have to think about writing a poem about last night. My son was going to our Church youth group for the first time and have a bus that picks them up from designated pick point. It was so funny because we were both a bit anxious about whether the bus was going to turn up and if he’d missed it and we were each looking opposite directions When the van pulled up, my friend was driving it and everyone was really smiling and I felt such a sense of relief. It was like a real party bus and I could really feel the stress drop off as he went.
    Why can’t more people be like this? It seems like too many people pride themselves on being “discerning”.
    xx Rowena


      1. I was speaking to a colleague the other day about how some people seem to view older people. She would comment that I don’t look that old but that is not really the point on how some are either rude or patronizing and moreso with aging women than with men. The boomer generation is huge and I wonder if I put myself in their shoes how that might feel. If I were 20 something I wonder how I would feel. Surely there is some sociologist who has done a study on this…it would be interesting to read.

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      2. I don`t bother asking for that seat anymore…there is usually a young person sitting there. But when an older person gets on near me, I often ask them to give them the seat and they do…I have no problem being pushy for another person 🙂


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