lovers’ dreams (troibun)

Walking with a spring in her feet, she chanted softly feeling so free.  People sitting on park benches…couples confabulating


golden glow
love is in the air
faces flushed

golden glow
at is best

love is in the air
l’air du printemps
amour du jour

faces flushed
erotic bliss

© Tournesol ’16/03/30

Daily Moments ~ March 30, 2016  lovers’ dreams

Daily moments – March 28 2016 Easter long Weekend

She enjoyed a lovely Easter weekend, having rented car to visit her children, get some shopping done and seeing her grandson play hockey. To her delight, when she arrived at the rent-a-car, she expected her usual compact car but they offered her the Mini-Cooper for the same price…bonus!! She drove in comfort and still had a compact vehicle to park easily.

Friday was cloudy and raining off and on as it should be on Good Friday…a sombre day. Saturday was sunny and cool but the sun kept one so nice and warm in the comfort of a car. She visited with her son and daughter-in-law, sharing a meal together topped with chocolaty dessert.


sharing food
so much more filling – among,
people we love

Easter Sunday was surely a spiritual sign with the hot sun and feeling of new life. Sitting on the deck for the first time this year with her daughter and son-in-law…

© Clr'16

© Clr’16

soaking up the sun,
golden turns to shades of orange
behind closed eyelids

Easter Monday turned to regular spring business as she walked through puddles on her way to work.


cleansing water
mother nature toils tirelessly
spring cleaning

© Tournesol ’16/03/28

Daily Moments – March 28  2016  Easter Long Weekend (haibun)

Peace of mind (haibun)

She sat by the shore watching the sailboats and listening to the sounds of nature. So many decisions to make and each impacted on people she loved. Her mind echoed should and should not`s so loud that she finally took a few deep breaths and slowly turned to her breath. She closed her eyes in quiet contemplation and mediated soaking up the warmth of the morning sun. Feeling calmer, she looks out at the ducks and swans and nature provided her with an answer.

Lake Ontario, Oakville, On.

© Clr – Lake Ontario, Oakville, On.

white swan
opening its wings in flight
seeking solace

© Tournesol ’16/03/26

remembering Good Friday (troibun)

It is 18:16 and she can’t help but be reminded, He died over three hours ago over almost two thousand years ago. It has rained off and on today and it still remains cloudy…as it it should…



seems fitting
skies weep
as it should

seems fitting
raindrops mimicking
a mother’s sorrow

skies weep
mourning her son

as it should
Good Friday revisited
when sons die

She can’t help but be reminded of my best friend’s recent loss, January 28th…her son…she imagines every mother who has lost a son, every sibling who has lost a brother…loss of a cousin, nephew…and on and on and on…they feel the pain.

© Tournesol’16/03/25

moody mother (troibun ~ haiga)

Well, what will it be today…weather forecasters are like gamblers, never really knowing what to predict…wind, cold but the test is who will foresee kinds of precipitations these days… She prepares her bag before going to work adding safety measures to be able to challenge the moods of Mother Nature.



spring elements
white powdered footpaths

spring elements
moments of gusty winds
streams of golden rays

white powdered footpaths
clings to the past in silence
no one’s listening

cruel and vindictive
like a scorned lover

© Tournesol ’16/03/24

Daily Moments ~ March 24  2016 ~Moody Mother  (Troibun)