snow is melting (troiku)

©Clr’ 16


under sunlit skies
hope of bulbs blossoming
snow is melting

under sunlit skies
giggling children skip home
hand in hand

hope of bulbs blossoming
in her mind’s eye- red tulips,
Mother’s Day

snow is melting
spots that old red skipping rope
makes her grin

© Tournesol ‘16/03/10 (44 words)

At Dversepoets we are asked to write a poem using exactly 44 words excluding the title (not less, not more). Make sure to include the word grin in your poem.

20 thoughts on “snow is melting (troiku)”

  1. beautiful! I love the repetition of ‘snow is melting’ which is happening now in the present and the flashes of memory. It gives the poem a push-pull between past and present that is entrancing.


      1. sMiLes.. Reminds me.. Childless.. Wife and i are.. So cats are kids.. And in a soothing low hertz voice i tale ‘Yellow Boy’ a bedtime story.. Where around a fire we roast marshmallows and drink hot chocolate.. And he purrs to sleep.. Must add in P and J sandwiches now to see if he likes.. wiTh same hertz of voice..;)


      2. Haha, my baby is now Bette my feline best friend (bff) now that the kids are all grown up and have their families. My daughter has children, my son has 2 golden mix and a Persian…I`m their nana too and they adore me as much as my grandsons.

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