Daily Moments March 21 spring-cleaning haibun

One can feel the glow of the sun on the second day of spring despite the cool breeze. She looks out the patio window and sees how spring cleaning is overdue. Some things will have to wait until it is warmer like patio doors but still, it is refreshing to get a sense of renaissance…almost like those last hours of labour before childbirth.

spotty windows
sunshine showcases
a fly stirs

© Tournesol :16/03/20

Haiku Horizons’ prompt is “fly”

23 thoughts on “Daily Moments March 21 spring-cleaning haibun”

  1. I opened my curtains this morning…..I see what you mean…..Ack! Spots on my deck doors… must clean as soon as the washcloth won’t freeze to my hand. 🙂

    A lovely poetic view…I won’t ever look at washing my windows the same way again. 😉


    1. Well I am far from a neat freak but the patio window I sit next to while working on my laptop…Gawd I love my home at night!! Maybe that’s why I’m a night person:) Thanks for dropping by. It is supposed to be warm on Easter Sunday 11C but I work Sundays…I need to get my floors washed too but my knees still are not mended…must hire my grandsons…with my daughter’s blended family, I now have 3 grandsons who want to help.

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      1. Niiice!
        Love me some helpers.
        My Randomkiddos help me clean otherwise the bottom 1/3 gets clean, but not the rest.
        The Lord blessed me with tall kids to make up for my size lack. Lols
        Well happy cleaning and I will have to stop and visit more often. 😀


      2. I saw that. Thank you for stopping in. 😀
        I have a very Random Aspie/ADD type brain, so if you feel lost just sit back and enjoy the strange sights. Sorta like the it’s a small world Disney ride.


      3. That sounds fine by me. I had a university professor who would stop me in mid sentence sometimes, “Cheryl! you are going off topic…I am totally lost…” and then I would go back to the original topic:)

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  2. O so lovely and sublime ! That fly is so important , without it’s presence , it would be just another day ! These anthropomorphisms make our haiku’s timeless !


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