moody mother (troibun ~ haiga)

Well, what will it be today…weather forecasters are like gamblers, never really knowing what to predict…wind, cold but the test is who will foresee kinds of precipitations these days… She prepares her bag before going to work adding safety measures to be able to challenge the moods of Mother Nature.



spring elements
white powdered footpaths

spring elements
moments of gusty winds
streams of golden rays

white powdered footpaths
clings to the past in silence
no one’s listening

cruel and vindictive
like a scorned lover

© Tournesol ’16/03/24

Daily Moments ~ March 24  2016 ~Moody Mother  (Troibun)

5 thoughts on “moody mother (troibun ~ haiga)”

    1. Yes, it is a gamble these days knowing what to wear at noon and coming home at midnight…so my cleats, wool scarf, tuque, gloves are in my bag just in case. There were ice patches under that lovely snow…so I walked extremely cautiously.

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      1. It’s the same here too. above freezing in at dawn, blow you off the side walk windy at noon, which makes it feel really cold, and then the temp drops again at night. no ice though. Just a lot of ups and downs and wind. Lots of wind.


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