Peace of mind (haibun)

She sat by the shore watching the sailboats and listening to the sounds of nature. So many decisions to make and each impacted on people she loved. Her mind echoed should and should not`s so loud that she finally took a few deep breaths and slowly turned to her breath. She closed her eyes in quiet contemplation and mediated soaking up the warmth of the morning sun. Feeling calmer, she looks out at the ducks and swans and nature provided her with an answer.

Lake Ontario, Oakville, On.
© Clr – Lake Ontario, Oakville, On.

white swan
opening its wings in flight
seeking solace

© Tournesol ’16/03/26

21 thoughts on “Peace of mind (haibun)”

    1. It really was is. What surprised me on that day was not seeing geese. There are many that stay all year long in the Toronto area. I remember driving to work and a family (Mother geese and her goslings) crossing the street just before getting onto the highway. I used to make the joke that the country may have cow crossings but the city of Toronto have geese crossings 😉


      1. Hmmm .. I read your article .. you know it’s funny in a not so laughing sense that in the 80s the stories were about human population encroaching into the natural habitats of migration birds – there’s something poetic about the tables being turned …


      2. They do have lots of ducks too but more geese. But downtown where I worked near Nathan Phillips Square the seagulls scared me if I got fries at the chip wagon, they would literally attack you. One time, one kept pouncing on my head and screeching ot his comrades to come on down…I ran up to the City Hall and a man held the door open for me. It felt like the old Hitchcock movie!


      3. OMG … that sounds really horrific! We have gull here too, but I’ve never seen them become aggressive like that, although I’ve heard people from other places talking about this.


      1. She has been painting for over 50 years…I should showcase some of her art…she is so funky …a woman I so admire. At 86 she swims almost a mile twice a week still…what a gal!! She and my uncle were like parents to me when I moved 6 hours away from home, starting a new life after my divorce. I am forever grateful to them.

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  1. nature provided her
    with an answer.

    It is useful to go out into the open. The serenity of the surroundings can be helpful for inspiration.
    (Cheryl, Hank had difficulties in reaching you before. A twitter account was opened and it helped for some others. Hopefully, it gets through this time).


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