37 thoughts on “regal (haiku)”

    1. I saw the prompt only after I had already written a short haibun with that same photo…she was determined to get a bite or two of my dinner with those pleading eyes.


      1. I was always afraid of female cats. My friends had some and I found they got nasty if you petted them when THEY didn’t want to, whereas my male casts were so laid back.

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      2. yeah female cats can get that way. Though when they want to be pet, they let you know. One of our female cats thought she was a lioness. She chased down everything that moved in her domain including animals three times her size! She left presents on the doorstep so my mom knew she was doing her job keeping the mice population down. She fought with raccoons regularly and won. What a character she was. I used to dress her up in doll clothes and carry her around and she allowed it. She was one hell of a cat.


      3. She was one hell of a cat. She was pure white with one green eye and one blue. She had the lioness stare down pat. Thanks! Maybe someday I will. 🙂


      4. I am reminded of a story I used to read to my daughter over and over …it was about a cat that got forgotten at the cottage and he ran all the way home in the snow to be with his family. The story was so powerful and real and filled with love. So imagine with your cat’s adventures…wow!!

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      1. I would be very unhappy since I still work fulltime and having a dog is not possible, living alone…I love her company. The last day of the week she cuddles more as if she knows the weekend is coming.

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