melodies of you (shadorma + troiku)

At Carpe Diem Haiku Kai, we were asked to write a shadorma on “fantasy” and I chose to write about an imagery ending with a troiku.


month of May
makes me reminisce
Mother’s Day
without you
is never ever the same,
but – now I’m Nana!

tunes play in my head
with eyes closed,
you’re right here
Judy Garland is Somewhere
‘Over the Rainbow

© Clr '14 Colombe (Mom)

© Clr ’14 Colombe (Mom)


your voice seems so real
imageries of long ago
melodies of you

your voice seems so real
your laugh echoes
warms my heart

imageries of long ago
I’m still
ton bébé

melodies of you
Irish Eyes and Edelweiss
make me smile

© Tournesol’16/04/28

awakens (haiku)

Skilful tease
stirs her ardent needs
butterfly kiss

budding heart,
responds to silken strokes
with heavy sighs

such reveries
throughout the night – and,
quickened gasps

painting rosy cheeks
awakens in shortened breaths
ah, such momentary bliss!

© Tournesol ’15 (originally written April 2015)

wakens to the touch,
 runs a finger on the curve
of her lips

© Tournesol ’16/04/27

Haiku Horizons “run”

W is for waves (troiku)

like a tidal wave
beaching on her broken heart

like a tidal wave
taste of rumbling waves
salty tears

beaching on her broken heart
life comes to a stop
filling all the cracks

salty tears
dry and caked upon her cheek
remains of her loss

© Tournesol ’16/04/27

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Troiku is a form of haiku created by Chèvrefeuille at Carpe Diem Haiku Kai

une seule plume (troibun)

Walking to work on avenue de Gaspé, she looks at the trees just starting to bud. A seagull screeches overhead. She smiles and wonders if he is announcing to his buddies of some overturned garbage can.

one lone feather
on this city street
where’s the white dove?

one lone feather
message from above
dearly departed

on this city street
searching for leftovers
doves and gulls

where`s the white dove?
Maman, es-tu vraiment là?
ma belle, Colombe

© Tournesol’16/04/27

This is a troiku, created by Chèvrefeuille,  with a narrative, I now call a Troibun.


Title: one lone feather
Mother, are you really there?
Colombe, my departed mother’s name, is French for dove

NaPoWriMo Day 27 April 2016

Carpe Diem Haiku Kai

V is for vernissage (haibun – haiga)

The artist was excited as she hung her last canvas for her vernissage at the local public library. She was always impressed at the amount of people who showed up on weekends, rain or shine for these humble viewings.   Under each canvas she went around to tape on the wall a haiku her niece sister had written , adding subtle and thoughtful meaning to her art.

Artist: Mae Giroux

light of day fades
fragmented promises
slip away

light of day fades
thoughts that once, seemed important
seem to disappear

fragmented promises
never had
the time of day

slip away
unfulfilled promises
just can’t turn back time


Day 26 NaPoWriMo 2016

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