do you remember? (troibun)

She remembers metals taps on the soles of her shoes, click click clicking on the sidewalk pretending to be Gene Kelly. Do you remember buying bubble gum for a penny? Oh! and for nickel, you could get an ice cream cone or a loaf of bread! She remembers scratchy feeling crinolines and hula-hoop slips…the latter you could not sit unless you wanted everyone to see your undies. Thanks goodness mini skirts came out…no room for crinolines!

She remembers when she was ten running to the chip wagon with a quarter and getting a small order of French fries and a hot-dog. Those were the days her mother was too busy in the beauty parlour…she loved those days and preferred this meal to Swanson’s frozen dinners where meat tasted like cardboard.


She remembers watching the Beatles on the Ed Sullivan Show and falling in love with John; that’s when she bought his book of poems and fell in love with poetry.

Sonny and Cher in Soho Square, London to promote ‘The Beat Goes On’, late 1966 or early 1967. Photo by Jan Olofsson.:

Saved from

Do you remember Sonny and Cher. Those were the days the only fake thing Cher had were her eyelashes…how I found her so beautiful!! Did you know that her real name is Cherilyn? (Thought that might be an interesting tid-bit.)  She remembers her first love lasting twenty-eight years; married the year the Sonny & Cher Comedy Hour started.

Do you remember when milk was delivered to the house in bottles? She remembers the bread man delivering to the house in a horse drawn cart. How she felt sorry for that horse who looked so tired and old! She remembers watching the fireworks at St-Jean Baptiste on June 24th and eating her nickel cotton candy!

Then came mini-skirts and fast cars, sit-ins and love-ins. Teenage love and wedding bells…baby carriage and empty nests…and suddenly grandchild  is soon entering high school!


time passes
such delight in innocence
like wind gusts

time passes
every year
spring returns

such delight in innocence
that first kiss

like wind gusts
taken by surprise-
how time has passed!


Haiku Horizons “remember”

Daily Moments May 30 2016 “Do you remember” Troibun

18 thoughts on “do you remember? (troibun)

  1. I remember driving to and from work at TI the year the Sonny and Cher song was so popular. Worked the graveyard shift. Before Gene …… before so very much.


  2. I remember some of those things… a slice of pizza was a quarter.
    But then what were our parents earning back then? Always working so hard – some barely seeing their children.

    I don’t remember bread…but milk got delivered to my one grandmother’s home…I’ve got my eldest grand finishing Kindergarten.
    I’d better not blink.


    • Yes, salaries were low…teachers earned under $4,000 a year, imagine clerks and factory workers! We start high school early in Quebec compared to the rest of Canada…Grade 7 is High school…so young…some areas have middle school but not many.

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      • High School here generally starts at 9th grade through 12. K-5 is usually elementary and 6-8 is Intermediate or Jr. High. It can vary though depending on the population. Also private schools might have different divisions for grades.


  3. A nice stroll down memory lane…crinolines, thought of those the other day now here it is:) I didn’t know John wrote poetry, but it makes sense, a very creative soul. And Sonny and Cher, what a duo they were! Loved those Bob Macky gowns. A great post Cheryl-Lynn:)


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