compassion rules (haiku)

It is such a pleasure to read this Tokubetsudesu episode at Carpe Diem today. We are honouring Milan Rajkumar who was the runner-up of the “new life” kukai. He lives in Impal, Manipur, India. I am tempted to visit there someday if ever I am fortunate enough to visit India. ..perhaps one day before heading more south to Kerala.
This is the haiku that finished second in this kukai

lifeless for a season
pupa inside the ocean
spring gives life and wings
© milan rajkumar

What a beautiful haiku with many underlying messages on life.
In my mind, Milan is number one and I am often inspired by his beautiful haiku. Wrapped in humility, he writes thought provoking and evocative poetry. A teacher by day and poet and thinker tween times…and yet, does a haiku poet not think each moment of the day, savouring and locking into one’s heart and soul?
Here is another haiku filled with eloquence…

across the lake
a skipping pebble
© milan rajkumar

And the poem that inspired my haiku is this wonderful tanka written in response to the Latifa Prayer episodes.

frog on lotus leaf
sitting and admiring
lotus bloom
does it care the snake
which looms behind
© milan rajkumar

When I read this lovely poem, it reminds me of our widowed GrandMaman who took my mother, sister and me into her home. Regardless of how little she had, her love for boundless.

burgeoning love
une grandmère spares little
worm curls in rich soil

worm curls in rich soil
bed of fruitful promises
compassion grows

compassion grows
like a field of golden rod
ruling God’s earth


Daily moments of reflection – Compassion rules  June 7 2016

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