Irish eyes are smiling (haibun)

My great-great-grandfather, Michael O’Donnell was born in Ballybunion, County Kerry, Ireland and emigrated to Québec, Canada at the beginning of the great famine. His daughter, my great-auntie Mae returned to Ireland several times and shared slides of her journeys. We used to tease her since she never married and how a man holds her by the waist as she is lying on her back kissing the Blarney Stone. She would get a good chuckle out of that.

I would love to visit my roots one day and check out the castle ruins in County Kerry. Maybe I would be inspired to write a fairy tale or two.

emerald eyes gleam
hanging on his every word
tales of yore

County Kerry castles thrive
now – mere stone walls here and there

claims royal heirlooms
ripped from his ancestors
at Blarney Castle


Carpe Diem “Ireland”

6 thoughts on “Irish eyes are smiling (haibun)”

    1. Yes, I must check with my family who have been several times to get the places to see and as many of us older people, visit the graves of our ancestors too


    1. So true..many Irish came to Quebec because it was known to be predominantly Catholic. In those days not only French Canadians were oppressed, many Irish worked the same menial jobs, struggled with large families.


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