coming together (haibun – Song Lyric Sunday)

Song Lyric Sunday theme today is to choose a song that gives us guilty pleasures.  I do listen to some songs that I may not feel guilty for enjoying but I am selective with whom I want to share these songs and mantras.  Some songs are just too close to the heart and the soul.  It is a bit like sharing a precious prayer or poem you have written.  Having someone dismiss it or mock it would be disrespectful but also hurtful.  Perhaps that is why we must be vigilant with whom we share meaningful and private things.

There are two persons at work where I may share some songs;   after talking with the, for instance,  they may share how stressed they are and under a lot of pressure at work.  Recently I sent this link which is a mantra I discovered by chance.  Then again, perhaps it was not chance and it was meant to be. I have purchased three versions since then which  I downloaded to my IPhone so I can sing along as I walk to or from work.    I added the words in my phone in my “notes” so I could read along until I could pronounce the words as best I could.

Whether you understand the words or not, just let the voice  and music of Devi Premal transport you.  This is the one I listen to when I am writing or even relaxing at home…the video is quite amazing.

Most times I weep of joy when I chant this mantra…words sometimes fail me as they are caught in my throat that is filled with so much emotion.  I wish I would have known this mantra to sing to my mother when she was dying.  Devi Premal chanted this to her father on his deathbed.

coming together
chanting to the Universe
as one

© Tournesol’16/07/10

Youtube-Gayatri Mantra 



Gayatri Mantra with English Lyrics and Meaning

Gayatri Mantra (Regular Version): Track 3 From the Album “Divine Chants for Peace, Joy and Healing.” Download a higher quality mp3 from Itunes or Amazon using the links below:


Gayatri Mantra lyrics (transliteration):
Bhur Bhuva Suvaha
Tat Savitur Varenyam
Bhargo Devasya Dhimahi
Dhiyo Yo Nah Prachodayat.

English Meaning:
The Eternal being
Pervading the three planes of existence physical, astral and celestial
[representing the three states of waking, dream and deep sleep]
as the light that is worthy of worship
we meditate on thy spotless and divine presence
purify our intellect with the light of awareness.

Gayatri mantra is one of the best mantra for chitta shuddhi or purification of mind and to turn the mind into a sattvic or harmonious mind that automatically feels drawn to rest in the awareness of the blissful Self within. However it is one of the mantra that requires inititation for chanting (initiation is not require for listening but only if you are going to chant it on your own). If it is not possible to come in contact with a qualified guru who can initiate you, you may visualize the image of an Enlighened sage like Ramana Maharshi or Ramakrishna and visualize that they are whispering the mantra into your ear and initiating you. Alternatively you can simply listen to the mantra

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5 thoughts on “coming together (haibun – Song Lyric Sunday)”

  1. Thank you for sharing this; I am breathless and speechless… I found it on Apple Music and downloaded it so I can listen again. Yet another reason I am happy I followed my gut and started this blog prompt. ❤


    1. It`s amazing, isn’t it?! Times like this I really like itunes:) The 2 hour video however is amazing to also watch the scenes…stunning! I was busy yesterday just working on my 2 posts for your prompt:)

      Liked by 1 person

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